Best Immigration Consultant in Toronto

Best Immigration Consultant in Toronto

Confer with the Best Immigration Consultant in Toronto for your Visa Application

Engaging an Immigration Consultant in Toronto can aid in achieving your dream of immigrating to Canada. Bearing a position in the top 10 largest economies in the world, Canada receives thousands of applications from aspiring candidates who wish to stay or work in the country. The number of people immigrating to Canada has been increasing every year. The government provides a high-quality lifestyle for immigrants in return for their skills, labor, and investment for economic success.

We at Correl Immigration offer an array of services in Toronto, including study permits, work permits, family sponsorship, and others. Our team of professionals can assist you in accomplishing your immigration goals, bypassing pointless delays and troubles.

Services Provided by Immigration Consultant Toronto

Be it maintaining your Toronto immigration status, meeting your relatives, or studying in Canada; we provide an array of immigration services in Toronto. However, applicants must abide by the Immigration Laws set by the Canadian Government. In circumstances where applicants are unable to meet the eligibility standards, they might meet rejection. Seeking advice from an immigration Consultant in Toronto can reduce the chance of refusal.

Following is a list of services and the eligibility criteria you must follow for immigration in Toronto, Canada:

Study Permit

Canada has a robust public education system that attracts students from all around the world. The Canadian institutes are well-sourced and offer several facilities for immigrant students. We can assist you with your immigration process in Toronto.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Students require registration at a designated learning institute (DLI).
  • Show that you have the funds to cover the cost.
  • Obey the law, keep your record clean, and obtain a police certificate (if needed).
  • Applicants must be healthy and have a physical examination (if required).

Show the police that when your study permit expires, you'll be leaving Canada.

Work Permit

Foreign workers who intend to work in Canada require work permits. Our team has strong expertise in work permits and can help with your Immigration to Toronto.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Verify to an officer your intention to depart Canada after the exportation of your employment permit.
  • Demonstrate that you have the resources necessary to support your family while you are a visitor in Canada and when you return home.
  • Observe the law and don't have any criminal history
  • Not pose a threat to the security of Canada.
  • Be in good health and, if necessary, undergo a medical exam.
  • Unintended to work for an "ineligible" company that does not meet the requirements.

Do not involve a company that frequently provides exotic dance, escort services, or erotic massages.


The Canadian government has induced several sponsorships for Permanent Residence holders in Canada. We offer a smooth immigration process to Canada for your loved ones.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old or older.
  • They should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • If you are a permanent resident living outside of Canada, you cannot sponsor someone.
  • If you can demonstrate that you are not receiving social assistance due to a disability, you can sponsor anyone as long as you can provide for their basic needs.

Visitor Visa

If you are planning a trip to Toronto, consulting with an immigration Consultant can enhance the pace of the application process. We will help you with the documentation process so you can travel without worrying.

  Eligibility Criteria:
  • Possess a valid travel ID, such as a passport.
  • Have good health.
  • A clean record without crimes or immigration-related offenses.
  • Convince an immigration official that you have ties to your native country, such as a job, residence, financial resources, or family.
  • Persuade an immigration official that you'll be leaving Canada after your visit is over.
  • possess sufficient funds for your stay.

Super Visa

Super Visa is one of the most favorable immigration services for permanent resident holders living in Toronto, Canada. It enables them to live in Canada for a more extended period without any issues.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident, or the parent or grandparent of one.
  • Possess documentation of private health insurance from a Canadian insurance provider.
  • The total cost of this health insurance should be paid upfront in installments with a deposit.
  • Be suitable for a minimum of one year after the day you plan to enter Canada.
  • Pay for your medical expenses, hospital stays, and return travel.
  • Provide emergency coverage of at least $100,000.
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